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Tbilisi's Education administration's complex school always was good producer of rugby talent in Georgia. There grew former USSR champions and medalists. After this success in 1980 was established sport-school of rugby. In Mesame Masivi (district of Tbilisi) Batu Kevlishvili organized building of rugby school, which began in 1985 and completed in 1989. In this period on school base was born rugby club Lelo. Nowadays the school has six aging groups.

Championships and teams

Children's festival

7 teams. U 12 - 40 players, U 14 - 40 players. coaches: Zezva Kavtaradze; Beso Brolidze
Children's festival

7 teams. U16 - 40 players. coach: David Tskhakaia.

Boys B league

14 teams. U 18 - 40 players. coaches: Shura Takaishvili; Otar Takaishvili.

Boys A league

6 teams. U 19 - 40 players. coach: Levan Maisashvili.

Georgian championship, cup and sevens tournament.

12 teams; 6 teams.

coaches: Levan Maisashvili (head coach); Lekso Burnadze (phisical).

All teams are favorites, we have very strong teams from 1983-84 and 1987-88 y. born players. The second one was undefeated until 2003 seven years in a raw.

From 2002 Lelo was in Pirveli Liga (second division in Georgia). Lelo was successful in Georgian cup; we defected strong teams (Imedi L - 19:14; Lokomotivi - 15:14; Aia - 31:18). In the final our weakened team was defeated 9:15. The best player was Beqa Sardanashvili (Lelo). The team was awarded most progressive team's title. In this year Lelo became champion of Pirveli Liga. Merab Kvirikashvili (Lelo) was awarded best player of the season title.

In 2004 Lelo became champion of Georgia. In 2005 & 2006 years Lelo was finalist. In 2007 Lelo regained champion's name.

The team is young, most players are younger than 21.

Players from national team who grew in sport-school Lelo

Levan Javelidze
Ilia Zedginidze
Ilia Maisuradze
Guia Labadze
Giorgi Chkhaidze
Mamuka Gorgodze
Merab Kvirikashvili
Otar Barkalaia
Lasha Pirpilashvili
Nodar Andghuladze
Vasil Abashidze
Boba Kvinikhidze
Guia Bugianishvili
Shota Modebadze
Guja Yovadze
Rati Urushadze
Giorgi Sanikidze
Zaza Valishvili
Archil Kopaleishvili
Beqa Sardanashvili
Sandro Mchedlishvili
Revaz Belqania
Levan Ghvaberidze
Irakli Modebadze
Niko Chavchavadze

Besides this we have more potential. Our main goal is same to grow up best rugby players. Batu Kevlishvili began new building new sport complex in Digomi.   



wich team will be the champion of georgia in 2010?






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